EGSL Is Passionate About Our Planet And Those Who Occupy It

About Environmental Group Services Limited

Environmental Group Services Limited (EGSL) is a Chicago-based Environmental Consulting Firm that is passionate about providing excellent environmental services to our educational, corporate and government clients. Our focus areas include Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, Site Remediation, Indoor Air Quality, Asbestos, Lead, Environmental Incident Response, and Training.

We at EGSL pride ourselves on being leading providers of a broad spectrum of integrated services that tackle environmental problems and industrial hygiene issues. We work with state, federal, and private agencies to ensure that their environmental needs are satisfied. We work every day to solve some of the most complex and challenging environmental issues. We are dedicated to not only solving any number of environmental problems that may arise, but through correcting the effects of hazards, implementing regulations, and applying our in-depth knowledge and solutions to environmental issues.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment that doesn’t need protecting.

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